For Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, And Anyone With Intellectual Property That Wants To Build A Profitable Automated Revenue Stream And Lead To High Ticket Offers.

The 6 Step System To Sign Your Dream Clients, Earn A Consistent Stream Of Income, While Doing The Work You Love.

Create Your Marketing Funnel In 3 Months Or Less

AND Get A 1 To 3 Times ROI



A Proven 6 Step Process

The Most Important Step Is To Start, The Next Most Important Step Is To Keep Going...


Get Productive

Mindset Is Key

Get in the most productive and efficient mindset before you start so you maximize everything you do and spend resulting in the best overall solution.

Get ready to present and sequence what you offer so the result is the action you want the individual to take, usually a sale.

Create Offers Your Prospects Want

A step-by-step process to build all your content quickly, easily, and in high quality to make sure it all ties together and shows you as the thought leader in your niche.

Develop your signature program and related offers faster than you can get through most training courses and usually with a much higher quality.

Fill Your Pipeline With Ideal Prospects

Deliver pre-qualified, high-end, high-value prospects to your calendar for strategy or discovery calls. 

By the time you get them on the phone they have told you they are very interested in your product or service.

Get consistent qualified clients filling your calendar.

Build Your Funnel To Deliver Ideal Clients

Have your potential clients looking for you, all day, every day. 

Finally be able to build a simple yet reliable funnel system to automate prospecting, qualifying and getting enrollment calls on your calendar.

Close Without Selling

More efficient use of your time, higher close rates, shorter sales cycles, better clients, higher revenue and more.

This module will show you how to eliminate wasted time on prospects that are not your ideal client and are not ready or willing to buy.

Feel Relief!

Not sure what to do next?  This is where you start.

What to do after the training with specific step-by-step instructions, support, coaching and accountability.

A complete optimized funnel that has paid for itself in 90 days or less.

1. Introduction - Mindset Is Critical

Always know what your next step is from Beginning to Completion, Launch and Follow Up.

But also Why you are doing What you are doing and spending time and money on each component.

  • A complete overview of the training
  • The Why, What, How To and What If
  • Why this is not easy and up to 99% fail at funnels
  • Why this is not your normal funnel training program
  • Why all successful funnels are based on the offer and traffic and not the funnel itself
  • Why old school funnels are dead
  • Why tools are never the answer
  • If you get this wrong, your failure is all but inevitable

Get a clear path to the implementation of your online marketing system and step-by-step help and support the entire way.


2. Design & Create Your Offers

Design, structure and build your signature coaching program in days without overwhelm or getting stuck.

Build your free, low and mid-tier offers to guarantee your prospects are passionate about your signature program.

Build or update your program quickly, easily and in high quality to make sure it all ties together.

  • Develop your signature program using our 5-point outline system.
  • Build all of the offers that lead to your signature program form the same work you preform to build that program.
  • Build your high-ticket 1-on-1 and group coaching programs directly from your signature program.
  • Add retreats, workshops, and destination events.

Build the coaching business you have dreamed of by working less, helping more and making more money.

3. Find & Engage Your Audience

Do you struggle to create a reliable consistent flow of new clients every month to eliminate the feast or famine cycle?

This simple, reliable and proven system will deliver pre-qualified high-end, high-value clients to your calendar for sales calls.

By the time you get them on the phone they have shown by their actions they are very interested in your product or service.

  • Find your ideal client pool and the best way to reach them
  • Pick the most effective and efficient means to get in front of them with what they are looking for
  • “Touch” them through multiple channels so you appear you are everywhere - AKA Being Omnipresent 
  • Weed out the “tire kickers” until they are ready
  • Follow up in a respectful engaging way that keeps you in front of them

Get qualified traffic consistently to your offers and close your ideal new clients on schedule.


4. Build Your Funnel

Get your ideal clients booked on your calendar and close them faster and easier, day after day, month after month.

Finally build a simple yet reliable funnel system to automate prospecting, qualifying and getting enrollment calls on your calendar.

  • Learn a simple 5 step process to build a self-perpetuating funnel to bring your ideal clients
  • Automate finding, attracting, engaging and getting appointments
  • Done for you video scripts, landing page copy, and automated Email sequences
  • Use our detailed step-by-step funnel creation checklist so you don't miss a thing

Run your business from anywhere on the planet with an Internet connection whenever you chose.

5. Close Without Selling

Do you hate long sales cycles?  So do your prospects. 

This module will show you how to eliminate wasted time on prospects that are not your ideal client and are not ready or willing to buy.

More efficient use of your time, higher close rates, shorter sales cycles, better clients, higher revenue and more.

  • The difference between marketing, sales and closing
  • How closing can be simple and easy
  • Automate micro closings so they will sell themselves
  • Escalate prospects up the sales ladder while you sleep
  • 2 enrollment templates you can easily make your own

Conversion and closing is not the big bad wolf, it can, should be and is stress free following our templates. 

Get your prospects to close themselves by asking simple questions.


6. Launch & Run It!

Let's get this party started!

The exact step-by-step on what to do next, how to start and how to get your funnel up and running in 90 days or less.

  • Finish the training
  • How to beat procrastination and getting stuck
  • Where to go for help
  • Let’s go!

After this you will have a complete optimized funnel that has paid for itself in 90 days or less.

B o n u s e s

Bonus #1

Private Members Only Facebook Group

Get support, community, masterminding and more 24/7.

  • Support from us and other members
  • Talk and Stratagize with like minded people
  • Brainstorm, Mastermind and More
  • We're online most all the time so will be there

If you want to go far, go together...

Bonus #2

6 Months Help Desk Support

Get unlimited Help Desk support via Email and chat for building your funnel or funnels...

We usually respond within minutes but always within 1 business day so never leave you hanging.

Need support for your funnel launch, we can work that out as well.

Bonus #3

2 (Two) 30 Minute One-On-On Calls

Use this time for funnel talk, marketing questions, mindset, or anything you want to talk about.

  • Funnel Talk
  • Marketing Questions
  • Mindset
  • Anything You Want To Talk About!

If you're rocking your funnel and need more we'll figure something out that works for the both of us so you don't miss a beat.

Bonus #4 - Case Studies

How To Get 3 Clients In 10 Days

How To Schedule 5 Strategy Sessions Every Week

You can continue doing what you are doing and continue getting the same results.

Or for the price of a single course at most local community colleges you can invest in yourself and change your results starting today.

Money is replaceable but your time is gone once it's gone.

Remove, Overcome, Go Around the problems that are holding you back.

Information alone will not do it because it has not done it in the past.

We will provide accountability with our community and support.

If you only got 1 client out of this training would it be worth it to you?

  • “I'm a big fan of working with experts with experience that don't oversell, that truly tells it like it is and helps you craft the best experience for you as your situation continually changes. Tad Stephens is one of those experts. Easy to work with, knowledgeable, follow through with his commitments by delivering what he says he'll deliver. ”


  • “Tad thank you so much for your amazing insights into funnel marketing! With your expertise you strategically put all the puzzle pieces together for me and my products in such a short time. It would have taken me YEARS to figure out on my own! You’re the BEST! ”


  • “Tad is my go to expert on sales funnels. He is really good at simplifying to get results.”

    Author, Trainer, CPA

Pricing Options

We know not one size fits all. Pick the price option that best fits your needs!

Accelerated Funnels


One Time

Everything Above

  • 2 Pay Option
  • 6 Module Funnel Course
  • 2x 30 Minute 1-On-1 Coaching Video Calls
  • 100+ Step-By-Step Funnel Checklist
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 6 Months Help Desk Support


Partner With Us


One Time

Everything in
Accelerated Funnels - Plus

  • Asana Project & Manager
  • 6x 30 Minute 1-On-1 Coaching Video Calls
  • Weekly Group Coaching / Q & A Video Calls
  • Accepted Application Required

Done For You

~ $25,000

Starting At

Everything in
Partner With Us - Plus

  • Completely Done For You
  • Terms Negotiable
  • Discretionary Progress Payments 
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • Accepted Application Required

100% 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee on ALL Options Listed

During the first 30 days of any of the above options if you want to refund for any reason just ask and we will refund 100% of the amount you paid within 2 business days.

Obviously, we want to make money and be a sure as much as possible we are a good fit and will go forward to your success.

But life does happen, and trust is important in all business dealings, so we stand behind this guarantee 100%.



Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What if I can't make the weekly calls?

No worries, we record them and will have multiple times a week so you should be able to make one of them.

Do you take on existing funnels?

If we are a fit sure.  Run through the application and let's talk.

[application link]

What if I don't have a product?

You don't have to have a product but we suggest you at least have a service, book, or training that has a passionate audience.  For online audiences passion is key.

Are there any additional fees?

It depends on what package you chose and how you want to set up the software you want to use.  Usually there are no fees but if there are you will know exactly what they will be before you sign up.

What if I don't get my funnel done in 3 months time?

We have a monthly ongoing program for $395/month or 30% of Gross Revenues, which ever is greater. We also have a pretty accurate application that if you pass you should be done in 3 months or less.