12 Step Coach Funnel Checklist

The most important thing is to start, next is to keep going.

Whether you're just starting to design your marketing funnel or you're reviewing to make sure you didn't miss anything, use this detailed but concise checklist to make sure it's all in there and how it needs to be in there.

Go through each step and take time to read and let it sink in. Take notes, complete the parts that need filling out and then take a step back and visualize your funnel, your campaign, your approach to what you are doing.

I've included the first Step in the video below so you can check it out.

The checklist is 20+ pages and is plenty.

You can get just the checklist or the checklist and video by clicking the button below.

12 Step Checklist & Video Walk-Through

Any questions or comments please let us know and have a great rest of your week! 😎

Tad and the Accelerated Funnels crew